2020 - Karate Kid - You have 10 days from the champion being crowned to enroll in a karate dojo. You must attend weekly classes. At least one per week. You must also attend one point sparring competition where you actually hit each other. The grand finale is a presentation/demonstration at the draft where you showcase all of your skills. Shadow boxing, board breaking, ninja moves, etc... photo or video evidence of your attendance inside the dojo is required for proof. Exact time for show at the draft TBD. (Stalker Original Idea) (Nate Stole)

2019 - Mc Lovin It - From when the loser is crowned until the singing of the national anthem at the draft house are are required to eat one item from McDonalds EVERY SINGLE day. This means that if its officially over on Sunday Week 15 as in a toilet bowl chump has been crowned, then you start on sunday.. if its over monday week 15 you start on monday. (I dont think this needs to be explained anymore) You cannot eat the same item two days in a row, (example you cannot eat a double cheese burger on monday and on tuesday and count it, however monday and Wednesday is allowed, also you are allowed to eat a double cheeseburger on monday and a big mac on tuesday, just a different item from the menu....)… drinks do not count, sauces do not count, coffees do not count, snacks and sides do not count, hash browns do not count, bakery items (apple pies, cookies) do not count, if your confused on what these are please visit the link below….. however zerts and screams are allowed (zerts = deserts, screams = shakes). You will be required to take one photo of each item and send it to the official league chat group (Fantasy Life) EVERY SINGLE DAY.. where we will build a nice image flip book for you to remember your disgusting feat. If you plan on going on vacation i would pack accordingly, if you get sick, to fucking bad. EVERY SINGLE DAY!! (Garcia's Idea)



2018 - Catstagram - Adopt a cat from the kill shelter (a real nasty kill shelter) and love that cat for the entirety of its life. You must also start an instagram account for the cat where you will have to gain 350 followers before next years draft. You get until the next weekend after a loser is crowned to pick your cat from the shelter. (Nasty's idea) (Scotty Cheated the system and didn't do the punishment on time -> kicked out)

2017 - Thinner - 20/40 Must reach 20lbs above and below starting weight. Starting weight will be taken when a loser is crowned (even week 2 toilet bowl), Duration of the entire off season, must hold weight for a 24 hour period while providing evidence during. Once you choose to the direction to gain or lose you cannot switch before reaching the weight. (Garcia's idea)

2016 - 325 Total Miles (Every miles under 10 minutes. 323 will be ran on own time. Timed 2 mile at draft house under (13.30) )

2015 - Homeless Shelter (Duration 100 hours. Due to complications food was served from a food truck to bums)

2014 - Belly Button Ring (Duration from end of season to the beginning of the next years draft)

2013 - Pokemon Tattoo (Bradley's idea)


2012 - Brand

2011 - Butter Fly Tattoo

2010 - Frosted Tips (Chowder was a bitch and got kicked out after, there's a lesson to be learned here)

2009 - Shame